Easily activate a payment gateway for your WooCommerce webshop with a simple and straightforward plug-in.

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Register for a PayMaya Manager 2.0 account. Once approved, you will be provided with a merchant account.


From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins menu then click Add New submenu.



Search for the PayMaya plugin by typing “PayMaya” keyword(1), then select “PayMaya WooCommerce Plugin and click Install(2).

Step 3 installation



To activate your PayMaya eCommerce Plugin, go to your WooCommerce account, select Settings, then select Payments tab.

Step 4 woo-payment-settings



On Payments tab, following fields can be found:

a. Enable/ Disable – Checking on the box would enable the PayMaya payment option in the site.

Step 5 a. enable-paymaya


b. Title and Description - This would be the text that would be displayed when client selects
the PayMaya as payment option.

Text entered in settings:

Step 5 b. paymaya-title-desc


c. Capture Settings

This feature is defaulted to "None", which also means disabled. Disabling manual capture
allows the merchant to directly charge client without any delay. No changes are needed to be
made here.

For advanced merchants who wish to use the Pre-Authorization and Delayed Capture feature, you
may set your Capture settings to Pre-Authorization.

Step 5 c.2 manual-capture-setting-options-1


d. API Keys

1. From your PayMaya Manager dashboard, under the API Keys section, generate a set of keys
which you will use for your store. You will need one PUBLIC and one SECRET.

2. Copy-Paste both PUBLIC and SECRET KEYS unto the WooCommerce dashboard as you create them

PayMaya Manager

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 3.26.39 PM

API Key Generation within PayMaya Manager


WooCommerce Dashboard


*Sandbox mode is optional can be used to test the functionality if needed. If you wish to test on
Sandbox mode, please make sure you are onboarded on to PayMaya’s Sandbox Manager as well.
Production credentials will not work on Sandbox mode.


e. Webhooks

These are default values that comes with the plug-in and will not need any further updating.

Step 5 d.3 webhook-settings

f. Once all information has been filled-out, click Save changes button to apply the changes in the configuration.

Step 5 e.1 webhooks