7 Ways PayMaya ONE Can Streamline Payments for Gas Stations

Aug 2, 2020 10:44:00 PM

For better or worse, more Filipinos are taking the leap towards car ownership these days. With this in mind, local entrepreneurs are now betting big on gas stations. While usually profitable, running a gas station involves a different set of challenges from those faced by regular retail businesses. Gas stations can sometimes have very high volumes of transactions compared to most businesses, which means the choice of payment solutions can be even more critical than it normally is.

As far as payment solutions for fuel retailers go, none are as widely used as those offered by PayMaya. PayMaya ONE is trusted all over the country for facilitating a wide variety of payment options at gas stations owned by and affiliated with Petron, Caltex (selected branches), CleanFuel, Unioil, Seaoil, RePhil, and MarFuel. 

Here are just some of the ways PayMaya ONE has streamlined customer payments for gas stations:

1.) Faster Customer Turnaround

Compared to other types of businesses, customer turnaround times are far more critical at gas stations. Gas station customers are less likely to join a queue if there is another option nearby. Whether they’re at the pump or looking for something to snack on at the convenience store, customers are usually not interested in hanging out. They have things to do and places to be.

With PayMaya ONE, your business can accept all forms of payment a customer might use, speeding up turnaround times. This can help reduce the chance of long queues forming and help your gas station serve more customers as well.

2.) Better Customer Service

Being able to offer your customer’s preferred payment method will do more than just speed up transactions. It has the potential to delight customers as well. Most customers will be happy to find that your gas station offers their preferred cashless options. After all, few people want to fumble around for cash, especially when they’re in a hurry. Having someone’s preferred payment method available can also influence their decision whether or not to use your gas station regularly as well.

3.) PayMaya ONE Supports Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are now gaining a lot of acceptance in the Philippines, thanks to their convenience, security, and improved sanitation over traditional cash payments. In the context of a gas station, contactless payments can also speed up transactions and allow the business to serve more customers.

PayMaya ONE supports a variety of contactless payment technologies. This includes Near Field Communication (NFC), where customers can use preloaded contactless cards and their smartphone to complete payments simply by “tapping” or moving their card or phone close to the One device. 

PayMaya ONE also supports QR codes. All a customer needs to do to pay this way is to use their smartphones to scan the QR code for their purchase. PayMaya app will automatically deduct the needed amount from their wallet and log the purchase.

4.) Seamless POS Integration

An accurate point-of-sale system (POS) is essential for any modern business, and gas stations are no exception. The PayMaya ONE device is designed to be integrated into most POS systems, including ones that incorporate newer technologies. What this means is regardless of how your customer chooses to pay, every centavo they spend is accounted for in your system.

5.) Unobtrusive Security Features

Payments completed through PayMaya ONE are as safe as they are convenient. The device follows the Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard, which means that cardholder data is kept secure from hacking on the device itself. EMV cardholders will be happy to know that the device is EMV-certified as well. If that weren’t enough, the device itself is also ATEX certified, which means that it can be safely used in potentially explosive atmospheres—such as in gas stations.

6.) Simple, Easy-to-Understand Interface

PayMaya ONE is renowned for its intuitive interface. Minimal training is needed to understand how it works, which means it can be deployed to your business almost as soon as you get the device. It’s designed in such a way that both operators and customers can easily navigate their way through the payment process. This ease of use can reduce the chances of transaction errors and other issues.

7.) 24/7 Support for PayMaya Enterprise Clients

You get more than just the device when you choose PayMaya ONE — you get to enjoy 24/7 backend support from PayMaya’s customer support team. This makes sense for gas stations as most are open 24 hours a day and rarely, if ever, close for the weekends. PayMaya’s customer support team has years of collective experience with PayMaya ONE and other PayMaya Enterprise solutions, which means they can effectively resolve your issues whenever they might happen.

As more Filipinos become car owners, owning gas stations will be more and more appealing to entrepreneurs. Having an all-in-one payment system like PayMaya ONE will ensure that current and prospective gas station owners are better equipped to meet the challenges of fuel retailing head-on. Sign up to be a PayMaya Partner to enjoy the benefits of PayMaya ONE.

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